Should India play against Pakistan?

Should India play against Pakistan?


There is a lot of heated debate in the country now-a-days whether India should play Pakistan or not in the Champions trophy.

Some people support it some people dont. Some see it as an anti-national act some see it as emotional issue over the dying soldiers in Kashmir.  I completely respect the sentiments of the soldiers and my fellow Indians but here is my view.


Should we play with Pakistan in any sport. NO 

Should we play against Pakistan in any International event. YES.

My reason is very simple and more logical.

My personal view is that we should boycott Pakistan completely and severe any ties with them.  So No bilateral series should be played, No Business should be allowed, No Cultural Exchange should be allowed.

The unfortunate part is that the Media is only interested in stopping cultural and sporting ties with Pakistan. No one is interested in discussing the business aspect. Media is interested in debating on “Why is India playing with Pakistan when our soldiers are dying at the border.” No media is discussing “Why is India still having business ties with Pakistan when our soldiers are dying at the border.”

Keeping this debate aside, a very logical answer to why India should play is because it is an international event. When you represent our country in an international event, it does not matter who is your opponent. What matters is that you represent and win.

If we donot play against Pakistan, it would imply pulling out from all the International Events because Pakistan will be at every event.  Which means India should be pulling out of all the WORLD CUPS. Be it Cricket, Hockey, Archery, Boxing and every other sport. It would mean pulling out of Olympics as well because Pakistan would be there. And if this happens, India would be a laughing stock for the world because of their immature attitude towards sports.

So if there is an international event, it does not matter who your opponent is. What matters is that our country is represented and we win.


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