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Deal with unsolicited marketing calls.

Unsolicited phone calls

This will be my first post in “Did you know” category. Where I’ll share a few tips and tricks/laws and procedures to make your life easy.

I get a lot of cold-calls or unsolicited calls selling various services like web-designing, travel plans, fraud lotteries, special offers, stock trading companies etc etc.

Off-lately I was bombarded by one company with random calls from different numbers and to add to the harassment, there was an IVR on the other side, whom I cant even politely tell to not call me again. This pissed me off and was getting worse with every call. I finally used 1909 service. You know many a times we are aware of possible solutions but we ignore them or probably dont remember them when we need it the most.

This time I was lucky to remember. I called up 1909, complained them about the calls and guess what, the calls stopped next day.

Here’s what happened. In my case the service provider was airtel. I was routed to airtel’s call centre. The agent was a dedicated agent(not the regular customer service). I could say that because he knew what the call was about. He took the details from me and promised me that the calls would stop in next 3 days. I asked how. He said we’ll send a notice to the owner of the number. If it still continues, We’ll deal with him in the court. You will not have to do anything.

Seriously??? I was so happy that I dont have to follow up on the complain. I simply have to complain and rest would be taken care off…

From now if at all a company is harassing you by unsolicited calls, remember to block them from caller id/truecaller app or complain to 1909.


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