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Will my startup get funded? if yes,when?

Startup funding
Startup funding
Will my start up get funded???

And my answer is “No”

I come across budding entrepreneurs everyday. There is always one question that comes up within first minutes of our conversation.

Will my startup get funded? if yes,when?


Though I am polite then but I’d like to give an honest answer here.


People now-a-days are after easy money. the easier the merrier. People are more interested in making their pitch-deck prettier, than their idea better. They have a wrong concept in their mind that I just need to have an idea, probably give it a slight push and then within 6 months or so I will get funded with lots of money and become a successful entrepreneur.

Bang, I am the Man

If you are laughing by now,

Here’s how it works.

Try creating something of value, Instead of asking when will I get funded, ask am I creating anything of value. Will it positively change the way people did business traditionally?  Will it save them money? If yes how much? will it earn me money? if yes how much?

Do market research, talk to people in the industry, have at-least 5 customers ready to buy your product/service even before you think about the name of your company.

Be ready with the business, money would come along.

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