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Why do people visit your site but don’t become a customer?

A large amount of digital media experts jump into creating innovative campaigns and paid marketing directly. It is probably a lack of knowledge or pressure for immediate returns to the client that they ignore to take the basic step of marketing. I meet them every day, they complain every day that their efforts aren’t paying returns and they don’t know why.

Here’s the reason:

You are working on the traffic but not on the brand.

Even if people come to your site/office through paid marketing, click through ads, Social media marketing or any other channel it is unlikely that they will become your customers.

I recently consulted a client in Pune, India who had a very good reputation in his local limits. Everybody suggested his name, he was a rockstar in the products he sold and was doing excellent when it comes to business. he hired a “social media expert” and started selling his products online. To his surprise, there wasn’t much response

He then consulted me on what is going wrong and how can he correct it. Here’s what I told him

Any amount of online marketing will be futile if these two aspects are not looked into.

  1. Reputation
  2. Competition

Here’s how it goes.

  1. Reputation: People accessing your products online have no idea of who you are and how good your products are. They can’t see you, they don’t know you and the only source of information they have are what others say about you online. Which means even before starting to run PPC ads or trying to get traffic to your site, building up a reputation online is far more important. His offline business was good because of his offline reputation, so will his online business be because of his online reputation.
  2. Competition: If Brand and Reputation is good, there are high chances that visitors will become customers of the one who gives a better price. This also helps in offline sales. Psychologically it has become a habit of people to check everything online before buying offline. So even if I am in your store, I might check for your reviews online before purchasing it within your store.

So here’s my advice,

Create a brand even before you start any paid marketing online, there are high chances of success and very good ROIs.

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  • Rahat Ali

    Awesome post Sirji. Thank you for helping me out here. I look forward to reading more from you


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