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Is Individual Brand Reputation really important?

Following up with the questions from the previous post Here’s my next with the answers.

One question that people have been asking me is before selling online is what is more important, the reputation of the brand/product or the reputation of the seller?

Here is what I suggest.


When it comes to fancy little products up to Rs.500, I personally don’t care about the brand much and would go by the seller’s reputation. I keep buying fancy looking T-shirts, Innovative gardening products as I am a home gardening enthusiast, Novel office stationery, etc. If they work good, good for me but if they don’t I don’t feel much about the loss as the amount is not much. Yeah, I only buy from Paytm Amazon or Flipkart as I know there are fewer chances of a goof up and I might get my money back.

When it comes to expensive looking items like Wearable Electronics, Phones, Home appliances, Definitely, I would search for the reputation of

  1. The Company,
  2. The Product,
  3. The Site,
  4. The Seller.

Eg: Let’s say I am buying a phone. It is an investment for the next 2-3 years at least and is a big amount for me to lose, and much more if I have to keep taking it for repairs later. So even before selecting a website or the seller, I select the brand. I may like Apple over Samsung so irrespective of the discounts on the board, I will only buy the Apple. Within Apple, I may want the latest Model or the cheapest available. And then once I have made up my mind, I will select the company with faster delivery options may be in this case Amazon or Flipkart and finally, I will consider the seller’s reviews.

So irrespective of what the seller or the site’s reputation is, the consumer is first going to select the company followed up by the product then site and then the seller.

Here 4 different reputations are at work and irrespective of the reputation of the site, the product, and the company should have a very good brand and reputation.

This is psychology of online selling.

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