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How do I gain the trust of customers and create a customer base as a startup website who mainly deal in digital products for cash?

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How to gain trust of your users for digital startups
How to gain trust of your users for digital startups


How to gain trust of your users for a new digital products start-up?

  1. To gain user’s trust for a digital startup, offer some part of the digital product for free. Maybe a free lesson if its a digital course or a chapter if its a book etc.
  2. If there is a buyer, make sure to up-sell a lot of other things and at a discounted price. Start a campaign like sharing on FaceBook twitter and get 50% off on next product.
  3. Make sure the digital product you are selling has a lot of reviews on a lot of different sites. Offer free product to the relevant bloggers and ask them for a review on their site. Expert reviews help a lot and make sure that you mention the reviews on the selling page.
  4. Version your products if possible, especially digital ones. No product is perfect and people know this. Add newer versions like its better than before.
  5. Selling is more about perception than the product value. People buy what others buy. Apart from imparting value, you will also need to create a perception that others are buying it and are happy. Offer free products for a start and create a perception that a lot of them are using it.
  6. This should give you an initial kickstart. If the product is good quality, it will automatically generate sales in the future.

Here’s the quora link. to the actual question and answer.

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